Joint Initiatives and Cooperations

EMTHERA (Emerging Therapeutics)

ReALity has teamed up with the cluster project EnABLE to bring together interdisciplinary teams of experts from Frankfurt and Mainz and form the Rhine-Main research cluster EMTHERA.

The cluster aims at developing new therapies based on proxy drug- and RNA technology for infections and inflammatory diseases with the goal of tailor-made immune intervention. EMTHERA is supported through outstanding scientific expertise and collaborative research centers in infectiology and immunology, and the development of cutting-edge technologies in the new BMBF Clusters4Future PROXIDRUGS and curATime.


Center for Healthy Ageing (CHA)

ReALity is cooperating with the virtual Center for Healthy Ageing (CHA) to promote aging research in Mainz. CHA brings together researchers in DNA repair, telomere biology, epigenetics, resilience, immunology and clinical specialities such as cancer, neurobiology and cardiovascular biology to pursue projects in the context of ageing.